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Mar 14, 2013 5:00am EDT
inflation coming down. they can ford to cut so she can be all dovish. the markets won't mind that at fist. but a year out, i think the markets might be more skeptical about. >> tell us what's happening in russia generally now. what kind of condition is it in? >> it's going to best unrecognized credit boom going on in the world today. everything is loving thailand, indonesia, philippines, but it's happening in russia, too. it's been happening for two years. they have a current account surplus. they can afford this credit boom. inflation we think will turn in the summer. so there's no problem on the inflation side, too. growth is going to come back stronger in the second half, anyway. whoever is at the central bank. so we're not convinced they need to be taking a more dovish stance. >> if it becomes clear that russia's economy is doing well, that it doesn't necessarily need or should want rate cuts, how much pressure will she really be under to cut rates? i guess what i'm saying is it almost describes what you're describing as a win-win. putin is pretty happy or it doesn't do well and so th
Mar 19, 2013 5:00am EDT
and the chinese currency, the yuan. >>> europe's struggling car market did suffer another blow last month. ford was the worst performer.. its new car sales sunk nearly 21%. u.s. rival gm not far behind with a 20% drop amid ongoing weakness for the industry earlier this year after what was a dismal 2012 with sales hitting a 17-year low. auto shares are taking it on the chin. shares in british super market chain are trading higher after fourth quarter sales topped analyst forecasts. like-for-like sales up 3.6% on the year. you can see shares up about 2.9%. speaking earlier on cnbc, the ceo saying for his nonfood business was a major driver of growth. >> saying today that our total business is growing at 3.6% in the last quarter, but our nonfood business growing at three times that rate. that is i think an extraordinary strong performance against a tough market back drop. and shares up almost 3%. stick around. straight ahead on the program, we're going live on the ground in italy as the nation prepares for talks to form a government after last month's elections left the country mired in a dead loc
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2